Photos from hiking the Portuguese Way
Oct 12, 2021

I spent the last two weeks hiking the Portuguese Way—a 260 km long-distance hike in Portugal and Spain—with just my backpack. Usually, I rarely take photos and I didn’t get why people dedicate so much of their backpack space to photo equipment. But on the way, I felt the urge to document my journey and started taking pictures with my phone. I’m beginning to understand why someone would cut off their toothbrush to safe weight and then carry a bulky objetive for their camera.

These are the best photos I took on the trip. But naturally, there was much more to it than pictures can tell: the people I’ve met, the food (and wine!) and, of course, the physical challenge of walking 20–30 km a day.

Monastery of Serra do Pilar, Porto

Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto

View from my hostel in Porto

Felgueiras Lighthouse, Porto

The Douro river joins the sea

A boardwalk on the coastal way

Dawn on the central way, just after Rates

Vineyards and cornfields of northern Portugal

Sheep chilling…

Alameda in Ponte de Lima

Hill on the way between Ponte de Lima and Valença

Armchair on the path

View over the spanish border from Valença Fortress

Crossing the bridge from Valença, Portugal to Tui, Spain

Dawn, just after Tui

Outskirts of Redondela in the distance

Viaduct of Redondela

View of the Ría de Vigo bay from Redondela

Bridge over the river Verdugo

Horses just before Pontevedra

View of Pontevedra from the Variante Espiritual

San Juan Monastery, Poio

Ría de Pontevedra bay

Town of Combarro

Second half of the Variante Espiritual

Ría de Arousa bay, just before Vilanova de Arousa

Crossing the bridge to Vilanova de Arousa

Mussel farms in the Ría de Arousa bay

Boat trip up the river Ulla

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela from a distance

Seminario Menor hostel in Santiago de Compostela